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Monday, May 2, 2011

Destructive Cyle (a poem)

Destructive Cycle
I can scream
At the dead white walls
Up into the hopeless gray sky
Into my defenseless deaf pillow
            The walls will remain silent
            The sky will only begin to cry
            My pillow will lie resentfully from my voice’s torment
            None of them will do anything
            To stop you from going
I can cry
Curled up under the covers
Atop the branches of a leafless tree
In an empty dark room
            The covers will hide me
            The tree will only hold me sorrowfully
            The empty dark room will echo my sobs back to me
            None of them will do anything
            To stop you from going
I can write
In an old worn notebook
On the bathroom walls
On this blank page
            The old worn notebook will accept my words          
            The bathroom walls will get cleaned
            This blank page will be filled
            But my words will do nothing
            To bring you back
So why
Why do I alternate
Through this destructive cycle
That’s picking me down to the bone
If it does nothing in the end?
I scream, I cry, I write
And you only get farther away.

Found some old writing :)