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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Anymore (a poem)

Written May 31st, 2011
You sneak up on my mind
Like a salesman on a house
You get your foot I the door
And then I can’t push you out

Memories of laughs and smiles
Sweet things in my ears
But you had a mask on all the while
As you claimed me more and more

I love with all I’ve got
You knew this, you abused this
Lifted me high then left me to rot
But now I’m stronger than ever

So lock up the memories
And hide them away
You’re not the face
I want to see today
You gave me all I ever wanted
Helped me grow wings on which to fly
Then took it all back; no warning
Amputated my wings and watched me drop from the sky
Why do you keep showing up
At my mind’s door?
In case you didn’t notice:
You’re not welcome here anymore.

You cut my dreams, ruined me
Or so I thought
But now my heart is open and flying free
I can have wings without you

He’s here for me now
Holding me tight; making me glow
He’s showing me how
To trust again

I hope you both come back someday
So we can look at each other and laugh,
Him and I, and walk away
Leave you in the dust while we grow stronger

Because in case you didn’t notice:
You’re not welcome here anymore.