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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Raise Your Voice (a collection, informational message)

Hey all of my lovely readers!
I am starting to get back into the swing of writing again, and I have decided to start a social commentary poetry collection called Raise Your Voice. For those of you who don't know what it is, Social Commentary is a where someone makes a point or expresses an opinion based on a social problem or idea. It could be pro or con to the idea. Usually, Social Commentary is used to put down a certain idea and try to end it. I was inspired to do this by an art project we started in school. For my project I am doing my commentary on school bullying.
There is a lot I feel strongly about in the world today and in the past, and there are lots of things I hope to see change to in the future. So i decided to take it beyond just my one project at school. All the poems in the Raise Your Voice collection will be about things I see wrong in the world and that bothers me.
Please, feel free to debate on what you read, I LOVE debating. Whether you are pro or con to what you read from me, tell me what you think! I love seeing other point of views and getting another side to the story. Sometimes, it can change your perspective on things.
I am adding some of my older poetry into the Raise Your Voice collection. These include: The Pentacle and Cross, The Dark Secret He Keeps, and The Truth. Also, if you like my ideas and want to see more, I have a short story that relates to this. It is called In the Moment. It will not be an official part of the collection because it isn't poetry, but it will be part of my featured list. Mikey loved this story, and I hope you do too if you have the time to read it. It is religious based, and focuses on a Mormon character and a Pagan character.
If anyone has ever told you that writing will get you nowhere, they were wrong. Writing is how people spread ideas, and ideas become action, and action becomes the change we hope to see in the world. Raise your voice, don't be afraid to speak up.
Love you all, and write on!!!!