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Sunday, May 29, 2011

(Raise Your Voice) The Simple Fact (a poem)

Raise Your Voice
The Simple Fact
Written May 29th, 2011
Here is the wolf
Treveling at a steady pace
On silent lithe paws
Tireless miles to go today
Across the plains
And beneath the shadows of pines
She will cover great distance
Then go all the way back
She has hungry mouths to feed
Uknown to the untrained eye
A huntress of deadly beauty
A thick coat of silken fur
Fateful teeth and a soothing tongue
Contained in one powerful jaw
Hear her sing at night
Her voice so stunning and inviting
Even the moon stops to listen
And she sets the stars to dance

Here is the tree
Standing tall, a pensive giant
Hundreds of leaves
Harvesting the sun
Extensive twisting roots
Reaching for Earth's center
Living a peaceful life
Centuries wise
Offering kind hospitality to all
Never complains; only content
The squirrels nest, the birds roost
The insects dig, the children climb
All are welcome
The rough peeling bark
Holds a soft fresh soul
Thriving and ever-growing

Here is the hummingbird
A quiet rare delight
Sipping from flower to vibrant flower
Shy and humble
Only those who are gentle and unobtrusive
May observe him, so quick and elusive
Tiny feathers full of flashing color
Throats made of ruby
Faster than a blur
Wings beating and abuzz
He does not forget
How short and precious life is
He only has a blink of time
To leave his mark on the world
A humbled creature indeed

Here is the human
Always in a rush
Too busy to pause for a breath
To hesitate for a moment
And appreciate this world
A loud and infectious species
Spreading across the world like a disease
Selfish and greedy
Consumed by their materialistic need
Forgetting the simple joys
Given the ability to create
Yet they choose to destroy

Shoot the wolf
For hunting sheep
On the land stolen from her
Cut down the tree
To make acrid black pavement
For their smog-spitting inventions
Scare away the hummingbird
For they do not understand
The concepts of gentleness and unobtrusiveness

Poisoning their only planet
Eventually they'll be the death of themselves
If they keep going on this way
Granted with free-thinking and intelligence

Yet too ignorant to know this simple fact.  

This is written for pollution, environmental destruction, global warming, and the plethora of other disgusting things we are doing to this planet. I think the last few verses say it all. I hope it hit home.