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Saturday, May 28, 2011

(Dear Marius) Were You Real? (a poem, a dedication)

Dear Marius
Were You Real?
Written May 28th, 2011
Pictures everywhere
Of a familiar face
A friendly green stare
And a smile like no other
In this world, anywhere
And yet these photos
Are just paper
Not living flesh
These photos
Hold the memories
Not the presence
This wrenching pain
Builds in my chest
Tears I refrain
As guilt consumes
You reality is slain
I have memories
But it’s not the same
As the days disappear
And you I try to sustain
I wonder:
Were you real?
I know it in my mind
You were true and tangible
But in my heart it’s hard to find
The more I remember
The more you slip behind
And these pianos
Make only noise
Not your music
These pianos
Hold the potential
But not your initiative
I have these pictures
Full of your memory
I sit at the piano
That you once played
One should think
These objects are proof
Not to me
For you are no longer here
To back them up
And they become just objects
Meaningless matter
As the days wear on
And I slip farther away
I wonder:
Were you real?
As time goes on and it becomes evident Mikey is not coming back, I get this awful feeling when I look at pictures, and I have to force myself to think back to memories to check and make sure he was real. He's so far away now, and it's hard to hang on. It makes me feel horrible and guilty.
I promise I won't let the world forget you were here, Mike. And I promise I won't let myself forget you were here. I love you always <3
-Your Cosette