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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Discovering You (a poem)

Discovering You
Written May 1st, 2011
A quiet adoring smile
And bright unique eyes
Peering out at me
From strands of long hair
Falling down over the face
I have come to admire.

I see hopeful days up ahead
That I thought were lost to me
The feelings inside I thought were dead
Open up in a wide blue sea

The electric look you send
When I carefully take your hand
A soft bright smile
And some color in your cheeks
I see a glimpse of your heart
And I am breathless by its beauty.

I see a gentle secret soul
Full of individuality and grace
On my heart your smile takes its toll
As you start to fill that empty space

I catch your eyes watching
Captivated by me
As I am by you
Playing with my hair
Saying small sweet things
To show you care.

Everything I want to learn
About your courageous heart
And the more we begin to yearn
The more I can't wait to start.

For the person who was also the subject of 'My Knight in Shining Armor has Purple Hair'. Thank you, Mikey, for bringing us together. He's no longer the kid I see in the hallways and wish I knew. Now, I know him, thanks to you.