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Saturday, May 28, 2011

(Raise Your Voice) Weapons v.s. Souls (a poem)

Raise Your Voice
Weapons vs. Souls
Started on May 19th, 2011
Finished on May 25th, 2011
You cover your wrongs so the world won’t see
You murder our freedoms, our humanity
Shove a gun down our throats when we try to speak
Block us from the information we seek
The ones who see through your mask disappear
Cutting short opposition by instilling fear
Send your pawns to take us out
We’ll face your bullets, unarmed, still we shout
Shoot us down till we’re piled high in the street
Till crimson blood pools around your feet
We died for a cause, died for the future, true and brave
While you hide behind walls, trying to outrun the grave
We are for the people, you claimed
Yet here we are, oppressed, broken, and maimed
Many of us can’t speak, for fear of our lives
Many can’t retaliate; you’ll come for our children, husbands, and wives
Our existence you have turned into a game of pretend
We are the sheep, and you choose who to keep and who to end
So tell us, tell us what will you do?
When you’ve killed us all, and it’s only you?
After you’ve taken it too far, and there’s no one left
For your iron fist on which to heft?
When there’s only martyred blood as far as you can see?
No one to bring in your power, your goods, your money?
So bring on your tanks, bombs, and guns
Burn our homes, kill our daughters and sons
You fight with your weapons for your greed
We fight with our souls for basic human needs
One thing you need to understand
You can never reverse the blood spilled on this land
Think now, before it’s too late
Will this all have been worth it
On a later date?
Was this what you had in mind
Is this death and destruction what you aimed to create?
Crushing our hopes and will to live
Is this what you pictured when you imagined your fate?
This is a photo we discussed in Global class of a Chinese man deliberately standing in the way of Chinese tanks. He was taken from the street for his rebellious action, and was never seen again. What do you think about this?