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Saturday, May 7, 2011

(Dear Marius) Soul Note (a poem, a dedication)

Dear Marius
Soul Note
Written May 7th, 2011
A single crisp note
Echoes sweetly in the air
Gracing eager ears
And conducting smiles
With a sound so fair
Before it flutters and disappears
Where to, we'll never know
But it is gone
Never to be heard again
With the exact meaning and passion
It held in that blink of eternity

That one note, now deceased
Embodied the life of your song
Leading the way into
A flourish of sound
Rising and swelling with the heart
While adjusting its tempo
All at once
That one note
Encompassed that moment
When the first inkling of inspiration
Struck your soul
Growing and bubbling into
The masterpiece you now play.

As that note was played
The audience leaned forward
Drawn in, captivated
Wanting more
And as your fingers became air
Dancing with the keys
Up and down the board,
A delightful tango,
We knew that note died not in vain

For its legacy lived on
In the whirlwind of music
That now fills the room
Its potential lived out in this song
That now holds us spellbound
This song created by you
That single, short-lived note that started it all
Is gone and will never return
But it lives on
Yes, it lives on in our memories
In our hearts
Our dreams

Perhaps, in a way,
It never truly died.

Hey Mikey, I have symbolism in this one!!! XD A little less blunt than my usual poetry. Maybe you'll actually like this one. Can you do one last favor for me sweetheart? Please help my great grandma out when she decides to leave this world. I told her today that you would be there for her. She waited until I was the only one in the room with her to finally talk to me. She's so frail, and can't eat any more. She doesn't have much time left. I'm sure she'd love to see your friendly, happy face and would love your hugs to help her on her way into the next place, wherever or whatever that is.
I miss you darling, stay close <3
-Your Cosette