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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Just Kiss Me (a poem)

Just Kiss Me
Written May 5th, 2011
Your face prevails in my mind
And my skin, it tingles
From memories of when we mingled
My hand; it itches
Full of emptiness and wishes
To be curled around your fingers
When you’re here next to me
I’m flustered and I tend to worry
Over all that I do
My only desire is to impress you
I can’t take my eyes from your face and figure
With inhuman beauty, you walk with graceful stature
And you have chosen me
Why do you hold back the passion
As you hold me here in this breath-taking fashion
So close to you I can barely think
With skin so warm and eyes so bright, you put me on the brink
I wish you weren’t so cautious
As the want builds up and makes me nauseous
Please, just kiss me
Press your soft lips to mine
Linger there; we’re not short of time
Meddle with the pace of my heart
Kiss me deep, and don’t let the connection part
Trace a gentle tongue along my lip
Make my brain fail and my reality skip
Please do not be afraid
To hold me close and take my breath away
I crave your touch, the longing makes me insane
I know the demons that haunt your past; I am not the same
Yes, I want this touch, this physicality
But desire does not distort my reality
Your appearance is not the only thing I’m seeing
I still care for the soul within your being
Your heart I will not betray
Your want for sincerity I will not flee
I promise, it’s okay
Please, just kiss me