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Friday, February 25, 2011

*Reflections (a poem)


I look in the mirror
I do not recognize the face I see
She looks the same as she always has
But her eyes- her eyes
Are haunted and hollow
From troubles to wise
For her age

She smiles
She laughs
She is loved
But if anyone were to look close enough
Were to look into her eyes
-her soul-
They would know
She is broken, she is crumbling
Splitting wide and bleeding joy
A wound that cannot be healed
Only bandaged and hidden

She is exhausted
Her thoughts are fog
But she sleeps less
Every night
Deadlines pushing her to the edge
-her breaking point-
Forcing her eyes open
Eating at her sanity

Time gave her an everlasting year
That now looking back
Passed by in seconds
She still has so much to give
So much to recieve
To and from her savior
Her everything
Now the same time that gave her so much
Is taking it away
Leaving nothing

An empty shell
Who's joy bled and bled
In an awful black pool
Till there was none left
She is a shell
She is nothing.

I press my hands against the cold glass
Trying to reach the girl inside
To pull her out
-to save her-
I pound against the barrier
Leaving phantom hand prints
But each time
My hands are stopped
Barred from reaching her
By a wall of solid ice
I am forced to quit
I cannot save the girl
Who I do not recognize

The girl with the defeated eyes.