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Monday, February 28, 2011

(Raise Your Voice) The Truth (a poem)

Added to 'Raise Your Voice' collection May 25th, 2011
The Truth
And your nasty words
That cut deep like a knife
Right into the life
Of someone beautiful
Who used to smile
Before they met you

Don’t know what to do
Just let you cut deeper
And deeper
Picking them apart
Revealing all of their insecurities
To the world
Leaving them weak and sore
Crying in the corner
Thinking they are unloved

Catch on to you
Like wildfire the cruelty spreads
You become stronger
With more people at your back
Less and less people at theirs
They become a bug on a windshield
While you drive on
Feeling good
At how you’ve splattered them
Scattered them

Used to be them
I used to purse my lips tight
Stare at the ground
And try to ignore the biting words flying around
I used to cry at night
As I started to believe
What people like you said

Realized who I was
With time
I became
Everything I wanted to be
And when people like you said to me
The things that used to cut me so deep
My step didn’t break
Instead, I walked stronger
I overpowered you,
You monster

Sit behind him
Snickering words in his ear
That cut deep like a knife
Right into the life
Of his beauty
But you, stupid, terrible you,
You forgot who was sitting
At his side

Turned around
You quickly found
What was what
Staring in shock in my eyes
Bright, angry, fiery
Not sure if those words
Really just left my lips

Laugh at what I said
The support at your back
Is fading fast
Who is the bug
On the windshield now?
How does it feel
To have someone
Who is strong enough to fight back
You’ve never met someone before
Like that

Know the truth
That few seem to know
It is not they who are weak
Unloved, unwanted
It is you
You may think you’re all that
But one day you’ll wake up
And find that you’re all alone
And if you’re too stupid to figure out why
Then you truly were a waste of life

And your nasty words
That cut deep like a knife
Right into the life
Of someone beautiful
Tell me,
How exactly
You are beautiful
When you find pleasure
In destroying happiness
That’s not beautiful
That sick

Have had my fun
But in the end
How has anyone won
If after all the time I spent
To find myself
To help them find themselves
Only results in your resent
In your hate
And sorrow at my words
That caused you to dissipate
That is not who I am
Who I spent so long to find
I have made my point

Are lying in the dirt
Where I have shoved you
Everyone is laughing at you
But now
I put my hand out
To pull you back up
And when you stand
I can only hope
That your embarrassment
Has created a new man
If I were to walk away
And leave you on the ground that way
Then I become no better
Than what you were

Had better take
A good long look
At what your words have done
To them
How you have killed their sun
Their light
They never did anything wrong to you

And your nasty words
That cut deep like a knife
Right into the life
Of someone beautiful
Who used to smile
Before they met you

Ask only this:
What are you
Going to do about it?

This is one of things I've written that I'm most proud of. It's best, in my opinion, when read out loud with a bite, a kick, a challenge in your voice. Imagine you're facing one of the people who had fun putting you down in you're life when you read it, and your finally telling them everything you ever wanted to.
Maybe the next time you see them, you should try doing it for real.