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Sunday, February 27, 2011

I Am (a poem)

I Am

I am a bored girl that thinks of imaginary worlds
I wonder about tomorrow- could it end up in mine or someone I love's death?
I hear voices in my head, telling me what to do, speaking of the past, saying my imaginings out loud
I see creatures from somewhere else
I want to do something that will affect the world, or at least one person's life, in a good way
I am a bored girl that thinks of imaginary worlds

I pretend that someone didn't just say something rude to me
I feel proud of who I am
I touch magic when I least expect it
I worry that I won't always not care about make-up and pink
I cry with joy when I think of those lost- that they were able to move on to a better place
I am a bored girl that thinks of imaginary worlds

I understand that there is no such thing as the real world
I say if you don't believe in yourself, you can't do it.
I dream of the weirdest things, and now, scarily enough, some of them are coming true
I try to imagine all of the places I want to go in one lifetime
I hope that some things in history will never repeat themselves
I am a bored girl that thinks of imaginary worlds

I wrote this in sixth grade. These are actually really fun to do, you can learn a lot about yourself. Just take the beginning of each line, kinda like a form you fill out 'I worry, I cry, I dream,' etc. See how you fill in the blank :)