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Sunday, February 27, 2011

*Sweet Baby (a poem, intended lyrics, dedication)

Sweet Baby

Full of innocence and beauty
I wish you could see
All the smiles that you brought
And all the hearts that you caught
In your little hands
The sparkle in his eye
As he told me of you

Even though you never met
I wish you could know
How deep their love for you went
The pictures that were sent
Of your pretty face
Never ceased to brighten their days

Sweet baby
Picture of purity
He said to me
Over and over how he couldn’t wait
To hold you, to spoil you, to love you
I wish you could have heard
The happiness in his voice
While he went on and on about you

Never will I forget the day
When he called me to say
It had all fallen through
Sweet baby,
Wonderful and new
They weren’t the only ones whose heart you’d captured
She didn’t realize until you were gone how much you really mattered
The hurt in his voice stung my mind
As he sobbed quietly on the other line

Sweet baby
Full of hope and opportunity
Please don’t worry
I know the pain will fade with time
But a dull ache will always be there
One day when you’re feeling down
And it seems like the world doesn’t care
I hope you remember
How tight they were wrapped around you
How close she held you
And I know she must have whispered a time or two
How much she loved you
Sweet baby
Sweet, sweet baby…