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Monday, February 28, 2011

Time Never Stops (a poem, intended lyrics)

~Time never stops~
Runs backwards when these miles separate us
There’s an eternity between each time you embrace me
Every step I take you take two back
But I push forward through the minutes
Till exhausted you finally grab hold of me
And then you give me the strength
To keep going when you’re gone
So the cycle can keep on

A few hours is just a blink in time, not even
But that’s all I have with you before I’m leaving
Make the most of what we have
I’m lucky to have you at all
And all I want to do is fall into you
Drown in your love

Forever resisting the boredom and sorrow
That’s always trying to swallow me
How do I survive?
Your beautiful entity
The memories of you and me
They keep me alive
I’ll see you in my dreams tonight
Time can’t take them away from me

Let the warm water rush over me
Momentary relief
Of the pain that gnaws relentlessly at my heart
Its beat grows frail
My energy begins to fail
Just when it’s about to stop
You appear from the mists of time
And give me new life

You see an unexceptional boy
But I see through the ploy
You are the knight I dreamt of
But in reality thought I would never find
You are the center of my gravity
Keeping me grounded
You are my everything
The reason why I open my mouth and sing
Why can’t you see what my eyes love?

Goes on
Never stops for man and our catastrophes
Keeps ticking without a care
For this world we all share
Comparable to my love for you
It never stops
And oh- please
Never stop, my love