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Friday, February 25, 2011

*Little Tiny Swallow (a poem)

Little Tiny Swallow

Little Tiny Swallow
looking down at me
sitting high up in the rafters
out of my reach

Who's that pretty little girl
sitting by your side?
Did you pick her for her graceful twirls
or did her beauty hit you like a warm tide?
Did she look at you
with those lovely little eyes
or did you like those shiny gold feathers- was it then you knew?
Was it then you said; "I shall make her mine"?

She watches me carefully
in her fear she sidles closer to you
Oh, Little Tiny Swallow- do you see?
She feels the same way too.

Little Tiny Swallow
you have a little tiny nest
that you made when you she chose to follow
she'd always liked you best.
What did you tell her to capture her love?
Did you tell her she was prettier than the sunset in the west
or that she was the one you were dreaming of?
Did you confide in her that she shone brighter than all the rest?

I have come too close
For you to like
Away you fly- followed by your rose
Following you faithfully into the night

I see you dip, curve, and twist
you take a sharp dive
the ground by inches you will miss
your gracefull ritual- welcoming night's arrive.

She leads the way back to the nest
you snuggle down with your sweet little girl
Forget the rest
Fall asleep with the center of your world.

One last contented sigh
another day in paradise has just gone by.