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Sunday, February 27, 2011

These Are the Days (a poem)

These Are the Days

These are the days
When everything you eat falls to ash
At your lips
And even after you swallowed
The taste you wish would go away most
And your stomach is in pain
From digesting the delicacy
That was your favorite yesterday
Or any other normal day
But not today

These are the days
When everything you see
Is too bright
Making your eyes sting
And at the same time
It's all the worst shade of gray
Of dull colorlessness
And it makes you feel empty
Someone reached down
And scooped out everything inside
The color drained from your eyes
To match the world around you
Or so you feel today

These are the days
Where all the smells burn your nose
Rubbing it raw
And each breath full of this putridness
Stings your throat
No amount of water nor honey
Could ever soothe
And you are trapped like this
With no escape, not even sleep
You must suffer through each breath
For today

These are the days
That no amount of sun or blankets
Can melt the ice in your heart
The cold in your comatose core
Even as you sweat
You're shivering
Wanting the warmth so badly
But unable to reach it
An your brain goes numb with surrender
That you must face today

These are the days
Where all you can do is wait
For these overwhelming emotions
That have jailed your smile
In a dark dark pit
To go their course and finally die
Leaving only the fear of the day
That they will be reborn from the ashes
Of their cremation
Yes, all you can do is wait
And offer fake smiles
But never the real thing

Yes, these are the days
Where I miss you so terribly
That nothing tastes good besides your kiss
And only your love doesn't turn to ashes
In my mouth
Where you're the only one my eyes want to see
The only thing that can return their color
Where your soft scent
Is the only aroma that will be welcome
And pinken my blackened lungs
Where your embrace is warmer
Than a thousand suns
The one thing in this universe
That can melt the icy loneliness encasing my heart
Where your prescence
Is the only entity that could summon
A true smile

Yes today is a day
Where I need you more than any other
For only you can help me forget
The empty black future
That is so dangerously close
Grinning murderously at me
With eyes hateful enough to kill
Waiting hungrily to grab my soul and squeeze
And twist
And destroy
And leave an empty shell of a person in it's place

Yes you're the only person
Who can make me forget
How close the future is
Yet the only person who
Is drawing it nearer
With every breath you take

These are the days
Yes, today is a day

Written for someone who I know now, never deserved it. I'm not empty from missing him anymore. I'm empty from betrayal. A word of advice: never put all your eggs in one basket. I learned it the hard way. I hope you don't have to.