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Sunday, February 27, 2011

*Remote (a poem)


I wish I had a remote
With buttons for pause and rewind
I could use it like a boat
To sail across the oceans of time
And re-visit the moments in life I've left behind.

My remote wouldn't have a fast forward button
Because what would be the point of life
If I saw it all in a moment of curious glutton
And knew every joy success, downfall, and strife?
And if I skipped every obstacle
I'd never become wise.
So let the future be a surprise
That I carve out for myself

I want to drive
I want to go to college
I want to travel the world
Expand my knowledge
I want a house on Italian coast, shiny and new,
I want to start my life with you
But there are times when I recall the past
And see these years have gone so fast
I just want a remote
With pause and rewind
So I can go back in time
And live my happy moments
Over again
I can re-spend
All my time with you
Go back to when that spark of ours
Was fiery and new
I'd hit the pause on all those hours
You held me tight
Chased away my every fright
Hit the pause on every gentle kiss
Re-live those feelings I desperately miss
While you're gone.

Darlin we're growing up so quick
And I swear every time I hear that clock tick
I'm reminded of the future coming near
So uncertain and unclear
It just keeps coming faster
And there's just nothing I can do to master
This growing fear inside me
That I'm not ready
For you to go...

I wish I had a remote
With buttons for pause and rewind
I could use it like a boat
To sail across the oceans of time
Re-visit the moments in life I've left behind.
Re-feel the emotions,
Re-spend the days,
Re-hear all the sweet things,
Re-live the first kiss,
Re-fall all over for you,
                                     All the things I'm gonna miss.