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Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Box In the Corner (a poem)

The Box in the Corner
written February 2011
All these memories
Echoing through my brain
Of when you smiled
Of when I was the only one
In the world
Now I can't help but ask
Were they real?

I am the one
You gave everything to
But when it came down to it
It wasn't enough to help you through
Your darkest days
You pushed me away
When you should have held me closer

Now I don't know
Who you are
And if you're okay
I get the feeling
If I fell of the Earth today
You wouldn't notice
Even after everything

You're angry and twisted inside
Where there used to be peace
You lash out at the ones
You supposedly loved the most
I thought I was special, thought I was different
Now I'm no different to you
Than a stain on your favorite shirt

I used to think
Life would be pointless without you
Yet here I stand, atop the world
While you sit in a dark corner
Strangling yourself
After everything you don't care about me
Did you ever?

Yet I keep some pictures of you
In a box in a corner
I occasionally allow myself a peek
To remember the times
When you were still yourself
Is it silly of me to hope
You'll be okay again someday?