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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Winter Rant (thoughts, rant)

Winter Rant

I hate winter.
Winter forces you to be confined inside until that rare occasion occurs when you're feeling spirited enough to brave the cold, bundle up, and roll around in the snow for a few hours until you can't feel your toes.
For me, that rare occasion only occurs once or twice every winter.
Every other day besides those two, the awful cold foreces me to become the couch's prisoner and to nearly suffocate from the boredom of being trapped inside the house (a glorified box) for any long period of time.
All I can do to occupy myself is complete my homework, listen to musice, and bounce back and forth between the computer and the kitchen cupboards (mostly for hot cocoa, one of the few things about winter that I enjoy). Every time I eat I feel the calories building in my body, few of which will be used in my strenuous activity of growing roots on the couch. With no outlet to use them, I know they will simply turn to fat, bunching unpleasantly around my midriff.
This knowledge only deepens my anger at this dreaded season.
Not to mention it turns to night almost directly after school. It's only five o'clock, but my internal clock is having a shit fit and is trying to convince me it's nine. This, of course, makes me feel stressed for time and that my day has been wasted.
So, when all this anger about winter is boiling my brain, when Dad asks if I'd like to ride to the grocery store, I nearly flip the couch over in my eagerness to get to my shoes. Suddenly one of the most boring things in the world (grocery shopping) becomes more exciting than a damn amusment park. And when I'm hurtling down the road in the car at around forty miles an hour, I can almost believe that sitting in the car is actually helping get rid of all that calorie build up... I mean, I'm moving, aren't I? WRONG! Another nasty wintery trick.

Short, sweet, and without much of a conclusion, but I love it anyways. I sat down intending to write something completely different with a short character/scene introduction that included her hate for winter, and it turned into a rant. It was amusing to write though, and read. Hope you liked it :)