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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

(Raise Your Voice) The Pentacle and Cross (a poem)

Added to 'Raise Your Voice' collection May 25th, 2011
The Pentacle and Cross
Written March 9th, 2011
I wear a pentacle
On my breast
Dangling from a thin silver chain
You bear a cross
Upon your chest
So very different,
Yet so very much the same
In their causes
For peace,
                                            and hope

Your beliefs I do not inquire
Outside of friendly chat
You question me
Appearing curious and open
But when my response is not what you wanted it to be
You spring like a cat
I listened to you
Curteous and respectful
You have a natural right to an opinion
And there's nothing wrong with that
So why do you deny me of mine,
When all I ever asked for
Was the same courtesy back

You shake a finger at me
Tell me I am blasphemous
That I am a bastard
That in hell I'll come to be
Just because I see another God
Because I'm not the American standard
I bet you think you're doing the right thing
Scolding me in this way
That it is honorable to try and bring
My beliefs to a sway
And I also forsee you at church
Upon this next Sunday
Thinking you have no sins to repent
And as your preacher says
Only He shall judge
You will nod and agree
Appearing to have forgotten
How harshly you judged me

You call me a witch
Evil doer
Satan's little bitch
Black magic manipulator
Voodoo girl
Famine and disease simulator
Dark and twisted to the core
But if you'd give tolerance a whirl
You'd see this so called blasphemy
Is somthing more

Your deity is so forgiving and kind
If you a look a little closer
You might be surprised to find
So is mine
She is life
The breath in your lungs
The breeze in your hair
The warmth of the sun
Raindrops falling everywhere
The new growth in the spring
The earth on which we stand
The face of the moon so fair

The tools I use
Candles I light
Circles I draw
Words I whisper
So late at night
Are not to summon demons
And cast curses I see fitting
Not to inflict pain
And do the Devil's bidding
I work only for love and good
Safety and comfort
For me and for others
Keeping in mind the threefold rule
Whatever I give out
Will be brought back unto me

Understand; I acknowledge your God
His soul, his presence
If so many believe, He must be real
But I never connected to him, his essence
Nature and the Goddess had more appeal
Understand why I did not join your masses
You took the bible and its pure morals
Twisted it into hate and rejection
Degrading everyone on the outside
To nothing more than a sick infection
You say you enforce His will
But you are an intolerant hypocrit
You make your Father, so just and kind
Into an angry brutal dictator
Ruling from the sky

I am what I am
I love me for me
You can attack me with fists
Attack me verbally
Sabotage my life
Inflict me with every strife
But no matter what you do
You can't take away
The beliefs and morals I work so hard
To uphold every day
If you want to judge, maim, and persecute
There are still many nations
Where you can go
And take action to rebute
But so long as we stand
On this free and tolerant land
On me you cannot lay a hand
You will fight
Tooth and nail
to preserve your sunday right
Don't you ever forget
To me this right will also apply
You would fight, so would I

I wear a pentacle
On my breast
Dangling from a thin silver chain
You bear a cross
Upon your chest
So very different,
Yet so very much the same