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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Three Roads (a poem)

Three Roads
March 29th, 2011
I see three roads before me
One I will have to take
And knowing the habits of fate
They'll each be rocky
And the decision will be hard to make

The first looming path
I would choose
If I want the one
With rain in her hair
Summer in her laugh
The face of the moon so fair

The second exists for the one
Hidden in his mind
Shadowy and deep
A rare smile, shining like the sun
Quiet, dark, reserved
But with a closer look you could find
A diamond so stunning

The last of the three
Could be best for them
This is the one where I walk free
Continue down this road
But it might just destroy them
It might just ruin me
Cut off at an abrupt dead end
Because I refused to give love
A second chance
Because I gave up
On trusting romance

I can't decide if she's what I want
I can't give him all the trust I've got
But I'm afraid of the road
Where I'll remain alone
Yet I am unable to trust
To give myself back to love and lust
I don't want to hurt them
With my incompetence

I see three roads before me
One I will have to take
And knowing the habits of fate
I won't have enough time to think
Before a choice I'm forced to make

For two people who are important to me, and who I don't want to hurt. But it seems like it's going to be inevitable.