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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Just A Little Too Close (a poem, intended lyrics, dedication)

Just A Little Too Close
Oh sweet child
With you gentle smile
I know you mean well
But my heart is the land
Of another man

I saw a lost and lonely soul
That needed someone to know
I gave you my hand
And as I pulled you up
You slipped and managed to land
Just a little too close

Sweet child
With a heart so sensitive and mild
My hands are too clumsy to hold
Such a delicate thing
I know my words seem cold
But darling my hurt runs deep
I wanted to save you
But I just forced you to leap
Into another abyss of unknown blue


Honey you are beautiful
Inside and out
I want to shout
And tell everyone to take a closer look
At the book
That is you
You are a classical tale
Yet unread (save for me)
And if others would just read you
I know you'd see
I'm not the only one


Sweet child
With dreams so wild
She's out there waiting for you
Her dreams are crazy too
Angel, I gave you wings
Now it's time for you to fly
To bigger and better things
Leave me behind
But don't forget
I'm here if you ever fall from the sky
I'll catch you without asking why

Sweet friend
It's time for you to fly
I was the beginning
But I am not the end