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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Hiding From the Storm (a poem)

Hiding From the Storm
Written March 31st, 2011
The rain is falling outside
Pattering softly on my window
Playing the soft tune
Of a lullaby
On my roof

We are hiding from the storm
Tucked safely in each other’s arms
Keeping the cold away
Separated from this harsh world
By the blankets around us
Nothing can hurt us
Him and I
While we’re surrounded
By this love

He holds me close
Against his chest
His arms are curled around me
Keeping me from escape
Despite my desire
To stay right here
But he wants to make sure

I feel his breath on my neck
His eyes on my face
Tumbling over my features
Memorizing every curve and slope
I’ve snared his attention
Just as he captivates mine

That was then
Now I hide from the storm
No warm arms around me
Keeping me safe
I miss those feelings
Of being so close
To another beating heart
Of seeing the world
For all of its beauty
Without faults
Faults that tend to show
When I’m alone
I miss those feelings
The rush

But now I’m smiling
Clinging to your sweet words
That are stirring those feelings
Within me again
I’m not so alone anymore
I’ll be in your arms soon
Not soon enough
I have something to call my own again
Someone to claim me
To give me that rush
To spend my rainy days with
Hiding from the storm