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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Medicinal Shower (a poem)

Medicinal Shower
Written February 2011
I turn the knob
Adding more heat
Letting the water burn my skin
Stinging needles falling on me
As I hold myself
Feeling little waterfalls
Cascade from the cliff
Of my soft lips
That are no longer yours
To kiss

I lift my face into the rain
Closing my eyes
Water droplets
Beating on my eyelids
Falling into my open mouth
I swallow
My mind breaks free
Of your prison

The music beats
Loud, shaking the air
Crashing into my ears
My blood rushes
Fast as the falling water
The music, the warmth
Draws you from my pores
Like sweat on a hot summer day
Then rinsed from the surface of my skin
You spiral down the drain
With a defeated gurgle

I sing
With all I have
My voice ringing on the walls
I sing
With more force
Than I ever have
The words bubbling from within me
Up through my throat
And out of my wet lips
Beautiful with the voice of my freedom

Sinking down the floor
The water patters
On my bare chest
Across my forehead
All of my anger for you
That made me pace
Back and forth through this house
Bleeds out through my razor blade nicks
Vanquished by the hungry drain
Along with the steady trickle of red
My racing thoughts numbed
There is only peace now

This body
Stretched on the floor
Of the tub sanctuary
With its feminine rises and falls
And supple wet curves
Is a temple
In which you can no longer take refuge
Has been reclaimed
By the Goddess at its heart
I am in control again
Just as beautiful without you
If not more

The water grows cold
And I depart
From my shelter
Back to reality
My legs renewed, holding me strongly
I press my face
Into a soft towel
Dabbing away all of your remaining traces
I have been reborn
With heightened senses
With your poison cleansed from my veins
The cold air tingling
On my naked skin
Ripe with gooseflesh
I feel alive once again
Thanks to my medicinal shower
I know

This is your loss
Not mine