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Monday, March 14, 2011

Necklace (a poem)

written March 14th, 2011

There is a necklace
Resting on my collarbone
You may think nothing of it
This little chip of seaglass
Dangling on a silver chain
But if you look closer
Every time I pass
You'll see my choice in jewelry remains the same

There are no diamonds
No sparkling gem
Lighting up this simple pendant
So why then
Is it so special
It's the meaning on which its worth is dependant
Inside that little shard of smooth glass
Is that soul, the essence, of something beautiful

A miracle

It appears dull and faded
But to me it shines
With more beauty and more light
Than any gem, or the full moon at night
Inside it holds the memory
Of love, pure and true
Of all those gentle bygone hours
With someone special I knew

When I touch it with my fingertip
Grazing its smooth weathered surface
I am reminded
Of each poetic moment
From those two years
Every kiss
The light in his eyes
Every word he whispered in my ears

We made the world jealous
Him and I
Loving each other more than life
More than the blue sky
I would have done anything for him
Without asking why
He was the first to explore
The unknown depths of my heart

In the end
Life tore us apart
In the worst possible way
he lied to me, I was left alone
Empty and betrayed
But this necklace he gave me
This pendant of glass kissed by the sea
Stays here over my heart, unmoving

I wear it to remember
All of our good times
Before our great fall
A simple reminder
That our love was real, tangible
At least for a while
It helps me see that this ugly world
Can be beautiful underneath the surface

Beneath the hatred and malice

He has left me here
Cold and empty
Handicapped in my ability to trust
I miss the love, its touch
And dread it at the same time
But this necklace, this token
Keeps my hope, I have to hold on to it, I must
To the day where I'll be healed

The rebirth of my love, my trust

Just because a relationship ended badly, doesn't mean you shouldn't remember the good times. Don't regret your past, just learn from it, and pave a better road for the future.
I don't wear this necklace because I'm stuck on him. I wear it to remember how true and amazing our love was, a reminder that love exists even on the days where it feels like the world is only full of hate. I hope someday I can trust again. I hope the memories in this necklace and its meaning help me on my way.
Thanks for reading.
-Ousma (Faith)