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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Who I Am (a poem)

Who I am
Written March 10th, 2011
You see me
Coming down the hall
In my black clothes
My big combat boots
My music too loud
All by myself

You think to yourself
She must be depressed
She must be lonely
An outcast
What an awful way to live
Drifting through this cold world

But I ask you
To look a little closer
I am not the sad soul
You think me to be
Look a little closer
And truly see

See the way I walk?
I do not cling to the walls
Shrinking into them for shelter
I strut down the middle of these halls
With long confident strides
A swing in my hips

See the way I hold my head high?
Above the wrongs of mankind
I learn from the past, I don't live in it
Instead I look ahead
Toward a bright shining future
No one can stop me

See the way I pass right by
The cruel words thrown my way?
Their attempts to hurt me
Foiled and worthless
Leaving them embarrassed
While I walk on stronger

You may think me depressed
But I'm high on life
You may think me self-hateful
But I love who I am
You may think me anti-social
But I have friends; few yet loyal and true

Look at your companion
Walking beside you
Would he take a bullet for you, and you him?
My friends and I
Would fight to the end
To take that bullet for each other

You see me
Coming down the hall
In my black clothes
And combat boots
My music too loud
All by myself

If you'd just take the time to look closer
You'd see I'm not what I appear to be at all