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Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Meeting with the Goddess (a poem)

A Meeting with the Goddess
Written March 3rd, 2011
In the dead of the night
While my family sleeps
I am awake and restless
So from the house I creep
Outside beneath the summer moon
I do not care if the neighbors see
The crazy girl barefoot in the yard
Only hours before dawn, pulling herself into a tree

The bark is familiar and rough
Cool on my palm
I ascend into the cradle of its branches
My racing mind suddenly calm
I find a comfortable seat on a wooden arm
To nestle into and bide my time
Hidden behind cascades of leaves
Safe from the world’s harm

I close my eyes
Breathe in deep
Place my hands flat upon the trunk
Into my palm I feel its life seep
A wise and loving spirit
Reaching out to me
Welcoming me without attitude sour
Despite my visit at this late hour

A warm summer breeze
Dances by, gently rocking my cradle
Creating a pleasant lullaby of whispering leaves
A drop of moisture descends
Splashing softly on my cheek
A light rain begins to fall
As the water drizzles down on the world
Filling my ears; I faintly hear her call

Her soul, beautiful and loving
Stern yet gentle
Motherly and generous
Nurturing and soft
Is here with me
Sitting on a branch of the tree
I can feel her deep down inside
Joining me in my moment of peaceful solitude

Her presence is all it takes
To relieve the stresses of the week
I no longer feel so tired and meek
I am at one with myself
I smile and laugh into the sky
Bright and bell-like, a child’s giggle
I hear her hearty laugh in the rain patter
And the warmth of her hand at my cheek

I feel at home
Up here in this tree
Welcoming my visit so late
My face drenched in glorious summer rain
Afraid not of the darkness
With the moon so bright
Afraid not of falling
With the tree holding me tight

This tree; my friend
When at night I can’t sleep
This tree; my connection to her
When I yearn for the great Mother’s company
I feel her here with me
Just as I do when I trod on the grass with bare feet
When I splash through the rushing creek
When my eyes and the infinite night sky meet

The rain is her tears
Shedding life on the world
The wind is her breath
Giving us the energy to go
This tree is her child
In her skin rooted deep
This tree and I are kin
For our Mother is the Goddess, our hearts within

Written for the rainy summer nights I have spent in the tree in my front yard, spending time shedding my worries from within in me with the Goddess. Blessed be, readers.