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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Seasons of the Heart (a poem)

Seasons of the Heart
Written March 30th, 2011
My lips are cold
My heart is dead
Winter has its hold
In my soul, in my head

He left me here
On my own
Abandoned in this frozen tundra
A sea of white and ice

Trapped in this deathly cage of winter
Succumbing to this inner frostbite
Abruptly, the ice beings to splinter
Wet and dripping beneath sudden sunlight

I raise my face to the sky
The warmth on my skin
Making me feel like I can fly
I tremble from the release within

Blades of grass burst from receding snow
A bird flies by in full song
Streams of icemelt begin to flow
My prison shatters and my heart beats strong

You found me here
Abandoned in this desolate blizzard
You took my hand
Thwarting glaciers advancing on my heart

Now the warmth of spring is everywhere
My world is full of newborn life
The smell of flowers fills the air
Blooming hope from roots of strife

Is there summer in the future?
I don’t care
You saved me from my winter
And spring has never looked so fair.

Written for someone who's starting to chase the winter from my heart. I submitted this one into a contest... we'll have to see if it places.... :)