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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Dream Reality (a poem)

Dream Reality
written February 2011
I shiver
As you brush my hair back
Warm fingertips
Skim across my cheek
You're looking at me
In a way I can't describe
I know you're nervous
But you're sure
So am I

I hold my breath
As you come closer
Put your arms
Around my waist
Pull me in
Pressed to your chest
I peer up at you
My heart pounding
Your hair falls over our faces

I clutch your shirt
As you press your nose
Into my cheek
Our foreheads meet
Eyeless flutters
Against eyelash
You're waiting
For a protest
That I don't have

I close my eyes
As our lips
Brush slightly
But don't quite meet
You're teasing me
Playful sparkling eyes
I wrap my arms
Around your neck

I gasp
As you lift me
Just off the ground
In an embrace
No more teasing
You pull me
Right into your lips
Soft, warm, wet
All I've ever wanted

I sit up
As my alarm rings
Stare sadly
At the wall
Just a dream
It felt real
But now it's already fading
My hands still warm
My lips still wet

I sigh
As I replay it
In my mind
Before it's gone
For good
I think
Of the way you looked at me
It was a dream, yet more real
Than any look he's ever given me.